Our journey has led us to believe that once you embrace you who are, it will allow you to become the best version of yourself. Our pro-aging products represent a concept beyond beauty.



All our products are developed by a team of experienced Swiss professionals, produced & endorsed in Switzerland.


We designed a range of products that are effective on every human,

No harm or any sort of animal testing has been done during the entire journey of embyou.

no matter your generation, gender, or ethnicity.


We all know fighting time is beyond human power. With embyou, we’re helping you age well rather than fight aging.

White Cream



  • Natural ingredients from beautiful Switzerland

  • Scientifically-proven effective components

  • Based on our Multiple-Functional Firm Complex (patent pending)

  • Created by Dr. Daniel Fuchs and his team

  • Swiss plant stem cells

  • No animal testing



In the idyllic canton of Waadt surrounded by iconic Swiss mountain ranges lies our lab. It is the birthplace of the Multiple-Functional Firm Complex, a state of the art formula and the base of almost all of the embyou products.

As Swiss, we’re not known for revealing our secrets easily. But we’d like you to take glimpse into our lab, where innovation in the most traditional Swiss way takes place.

The Multiple-Functional Firm Complex is the perfect combination of well-tried and innovative ingredients. Its formula is designed to prolong youthfulness by fighting against premature aging, environmental hazards and the stress of everyday life.

Not only is it a highly potent skin care, but complements medical treatments.



  • Scientifically-proven ingredients

  • Produced in Switzerland

  • Dermatologically tested




In its hydrolyzed form, Gamma PGA is a powerful & long lasting moisturizer supplying the deeper layers of the skin with maximal lasting moisture. Applied to the skin, it is able to prevent unwanted degradation of hyaluronic acid in or on the skin by inhibiting hyaluronidase, an enzyme that catalyses the degradation of hyaluronic acid (HA). Additionally, it enhances the skin barrier and increases the Natural Moisturizing Factors. All embyou products contain this precious ingredient.


Stem cells are responsible for the regeneration of damaged skin or wearing-out tissues thus playing a key role in maintaining a youthful skin. However, they are adversely affected by lifestyle, age and environmental hazards.

As their activity progressively slows down, skin firmness is lost and signs of aging begin to appear. Making use of their exceptional cell protection and cell vitalizing properties, we use selected stem cell extracts in our products to slow down the process of aging.

It’s been a mystery for a long time why the Uttwiler apple was able to maintain its freshness longer than any other of its sort. It was only recently that science was able to reveal the secret of its longevity.

Its stem cells are rich in phytonutrients and proteins defying the aging process and revitalizing the skin. They protect against oxidative stress & UV damage, flatten out wrinkles and slow down aging.

Alp roses grow in very high altitudes and resist harsh environmental conditions and dramatic climate changes. Affected by environmental changes and aging, our skin barrier is impaired thus leading to drier, more fragile skin and accelerated aging. Stem cells obtained from alpine roses are very helpful in this matter since they reinforce and stimulate the skin barrier, promoting elasticity and suppleness thus preserving the precious human skin stem cells function.

Moroccan argan trees are perfectly adapted to intense droughts and extremely high temperatures.

Stem cells obtained from its oil stimulate the regeneration of dermal connective tissue thus increasing skin density, help the skin to regain its firmness and help reduce wrinkle depth in crow’s feet area.


These high-tech ingredients mimic various functions of molecules that are naturally present in our skin. They stimulate epidermal stem cells and thus boost skin repair and regeneration. They can encourage the self-renewal capacity of the skin and promote an anti-aging effect. Our products contain peptides that produce a Botox-like effect by reducing the depth of wrinkles especially on the forehead and around the eyes.


A sought-after ingredient from the Alpine glaciers, the Edelweiss is renowned for its ability to survive extremely harsh conditions. Its stem cells provide powerful antioxidant benefits, soothe skin from environmental stressors, reinforce the cell’s natural defenses and limit cell aging.


The collective effect of strong vitamin complexes A, C and E in our products improve skin clarity, prevent damage from UV radiation and normalize oily skin.


We use extracts of green tea, chamomile, arnica, marigold and oat that act as anti-oxidant and calming agents. They remove dead cells and skin impurities, make-up residues and oxidized sebum resulting in softer and clearer skin.

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